Friday, 30 December 2011

Review: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick

Hello! I have a massive review for you guys today. I felt bad for not posting for ages so I decided to do a review on my favorite lipsticks. Oops, I kind of gave away that I like them... Oh well. Hope you enjoy it! 

As you can see, I have 9 of these so obviously I must really like them! I don't know where to start with this review since there's so much to say so I guess I'll categorize everything.

Packaging: The packaging is cute. It's a really dark, glossy purple color - so dark it almost looks black. I've not had any issues with the packaging or the lipsticks breaking in the tube. 

Smell: Okay, so this is a little bit of a weird category, but I had to mention it: they do smell. It's not bad, I don't mind it, but it is a strong smell. I could even smell them when I swatched them! It smells kind of like sweets/candy.

Staying Power: These stay on forever. Literally, they do not budge. After a whole day of eating and drinking, the color was still as vibrant as it was when I put it on. No bleeding either! It's quite hard to wash off too, even with makeup remover! I had a hard time getting the swatches off - I had to scrub and scrub with soap and although they eventually faded, they were still there! If you want a lipstick that will last you all day, these are definitely for you.

Finishes: These all give you a really glossy, satin finish. The majority of them are very moisturizing and don't make your lips look chapped, even when applied without a lip balm!

Pigmentation: The pigmentation of these is amazing, especially for the red shades. You get great color pay off in just one swipe and can also build it up easily for a more vibrant color. I'll let the swatches do the talking, although my camera really doesn't do them any justice.

I took some pictures of them individually and I'm going to do my best to describe them!

026 - Vintage

I absolutely love this color. It's a nude pink and is very close to my natural lip color. However, it's my least favorite because it applies a bit gritty - like it's got grains of sugar in it or something! It's a shame because it's such a lovely color.

077 - Asia

This one applies so smoothly! It's so creamy. In the tube, it looks like a pink/mauve color, but it applies brown. I don't feel comfortable wearing brown lipstick but hey, it's always nice to have a wide color selection.

086 - Sugar Plum

This is a gorgeous fuchsia color. Not something I would wear every day but it does actually look really nice on! 

123 - True Vintage

This is a beautiful dark plum color. It's a little too dark if you swipe it all over your lips but looks amazing if you pat it on lightly with your finger tip.

124 - Bordeaux

This is quite similar to True Vintage but quite a bit darker. It's too dark, in my opinion to wear everyday though. I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it because it is really dark.

170 - Alarm

This is your classic bright red lipstick with blue undertones. It can be applied very thickly for a very dramatic red color or you can dab it on lightly with your fingertips for a subtle red tint, which is what I like to do.

175 - Signature Red

This is so similar to Alarm, they're practically the same. I can't see a difference.

210 - Coral In Gold

This lipstick is, quite simply, orange and is very similar to Vintage, as it applies really gritty and highlights every line or dry patch on your lips. I don't like this one and wouldn't recommend it.

220 - Retro

A beautifully pigmented bright red lipstick with orange undertones. A little bit too much for everyday use but I'm sure I'll wear it one day!

For drugstore lipsticks, they're pretty amazing! I really recommend these (apart from Vintage and Coral In Gold, I'd pass on those if I were you) and I am definitely going to buy more.



  1. Oooh, I love vintage, true vintage & coral in gold! I don't wear lipstick as often as I should, but I love these colors! You have good tastes!

    Glad I stumbled across your blog! Definite follow!

  2. LOVE the swatches...the colours are very pigmented!

  3. Love your blog :) subscribe back please?? :)