Saturday, 12 November 2011

Review: Clean & Clear Dual Action Oil-Free Moisturizer

I have mixed opinions on this moisturizer. It's a love/hate thing!

I was looking for a good moisturizer to use under my makeup. This is definitely not what I was looking for! It doesn't feel oil free, it feels so oily and greasy on my skin! Even if I use a little bit. And it takes ages to soak in!

It claims to 'prevent spots and blemishes' which, for me, it really doesn/t Also, whenever I put this on, it makes my skin tingle and go quite red, though I do have sensitive skin so that could be why.

This moisturizer has really helped my dry skin though. It's not magic, it's not going to work miracles and I still have a few dry patches but my skin is a lot smoother than it used to be. 

I've repurchased this twice but I don't think I'm going to repurchase it again. 


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