Saturday, 22 October 2011

Review: Avon SuperShock Gel Eye Liner Pencil In Black

I really do like this. It is so soft and glides on effortlessly without any pulling or tugging. Perfect for those who haven’t quite got the hang of putting on gel liner with a brush! I got it in black and it’s a gorgeous, dramatic jet black. It also doesn’t budge! I applied it in the morning and when I went to take my makeup off at night, it looked just as good as when I had applied it ten hours ago! It lasts really well on the waterline, too. A lot of people have compared this to Urban Decay 24/7 liner!

It’s really soft and creamy, which is a good thing but also a bad thing because it crumbles really easily when applying or sharpening. You have to sharpen it before every use which can be a bit of a pain but I don’t mind too much. Another thing is that it’s quite difficult to get a really thin line.
Because of those reasons, I probably wouldn't repurchase it.


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