Saturday, 22 October 2011

Review: ELF Studio Makeup Mist & Set

I was a bit wary about buying this as it's not really talked about a lot so I thought maybe it's not that good. I decided to get it anyway, as I needed something that was going to make my makeup last longer and it was only £3.50 so it wasn't going to break the bank if it didn't work for me.

I'm so glad I got it! I used to use a powder to set my makeup but I have dry skin, so the powder looked flaky and horrible. This spray is so perfect! I spray it twice onto my ELF Studio Powder Brush and stipple the product all over my face after applying my foundation and concealer. It feels so refreshing when you put it on your face! Also, it drys within a minute if anyone's wondering.

When I first tried this product, I didn't really expect it to work (no offense ELF - you know I love you!). I was amazed when I came home from school seven hours later and saw that my makeup still looked the same as when I had put it on in the morning.

I really would recommend this! Especially for people with dry skin, as using a setting powder can highlight dry patches. I will definitely repurchase!

5/5 ♥


  1. Im so glad this works Ive got some for my sister for her birthday (she always trys setting her makeup with hairspray and while yes it works its so not good for your skin)
    Glad i read this now you have put my mind at ease!
    check out my blog please? just started making videos aswell x

  2. AWESOME! I've just ordered it, and I think I have the exact same problem with 'powdery finish' and dry, flaky-looking skin.. so I'm superhappy that it works! Maybe not for me though...haha. HOPES UP!:)

  3. lovely review xD i totally agree hun x