Monday, 24 October 2011

Review: ELF Studio Stipple Brush

This brush is probably my least favorite out of all of the ELF brushes I own. It's just too flimsy! It picks up product well and works perfectly for putting the product on but for blending? It just doesn't do it for me. The bristles are far too flimsy. I think it'd be a really good brush if only it was more densely packed.

I've seen a lot of people buy this for applying liquid foundation and they've been disappointed because it's not the best for blending. If you are going to buy this to blend in a foundation, I really wouldn't bother. 

On the bright side, I love the appearance of this brush. As I've said with all of the other ELF brushes, it feels sturdy and looks professional. I've had absolutely no fall out, either!

It's only £3.50, even less if you catch it on sale like I did, and I think it's a good brush to have, but I've yet to find a use for it.

Update: I've found a use for it! It's really nice to lightly dust on setting powder. 



  1. Have you tried this brush with a mineral foundation or loose powder. This is what i use mine for the soft bristles really apply my mineral foundation well much better then and other brush ive tried. Just a thought if you havnt found a use for your brush yet x

  2. Oh, thank you! I was actually looking into trying the ELF mineral foundation so I'll keep that in mind! x

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  4. No problem. I enjoy reading your blog and as an elf lover im interested in your reviews! Keep up the good work i cant wait to see your blog grow and see a wider range of reviews from you x

  5. Helpful blogs about the brushes i wanted to try there more expensive brushes so found this very useful xx

  6. This is one of the only brushes of the Studio line that I don't own, mainly because I read some pretty bad reviews on it.

  7. I wouldn't say it's bad, just a bit too flimsy to do any proper blending. I guess you could use this to put on loose powder, I saw somebody doing that! Unfortunately, I haven't found a use for it yet though. x