Monday, 24 October 2011

Review: Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara

I absolutely love this mascara! It works so well for me However, everybody has different eyelashes and it will work differently on everybody, so bare that in mind.

The packaging is gorgeous! It’s a nice shape, very unique. And the bright color makes it easy to find in my makeup collection. Now onto the ever so important brush... It is huge! They call it the ‘mega brush’ and I can see why. The only bad thing about the brush size is that it's so hard to get to my inner corner lashes without getting mascara all over my eyelid.

Finally, the actual product! I got it in black and it’s a really gorgeous, dramatic black. I applied one coat first and my naturally short, blonde eyelashes looked amazing! I then applied another coat and the volume and length I got was so good, I was impressed. It clumped a little bit but it was nothing that I couldn't brush out with a clean disposable mascara wand. It stayed on all day for me although towards the end of the day, I noticed some black bits under my lower lashes but it was about 9 hours after I had put it on. The next day, I decided to go for three coats. It really clumped and I had to take it off. So in future, I’ll stick to just two coats.

I got it for £7.19 at Boots, although the price may vary depending on where you live and where you buy it. I think £7.19 is pretty good and I wouldn’t mind paying that again. I will continue using this mascara often but I’m a girl obsessed with makeup - I’ll always be on the lookout for a new, better mascara!  



  1. Have you tried the cat eye version of this? Same packaging but has an animal print on it. The wand is smaller and curved and gives great length and volume. You should give it a go if you found reaching all your lashes hard with this one x

  2. Wow, really? It sounds really good! I think I'll give that a go. Thank you! x

  3. Your welcome from my understanding the formla is exactly the same inside. I own the cat eye one and its fantastic x

  4. I love this mascara too, dug it out my drawer and been using it for the past few weeks.

    I'm having an Autumn beauty giveaway on my blog so pop over if you've got a spare minute, it ends on Halloween :-)