Thursday, 20 October 2011

Review: ELF Studio Blush In Tickled Pink

It’s official: I have found my favorite blush! This is the only blush I will use at the moment, unless I find a better one. It’s amazing, I can’t explain how in love I am with it. Let's get started!

So, the packaging. The packaging to these are always being compared to NARS packaging. I don’t own any NARS blushes but I’ve seen pictures of them and the packaging is very alike. I find that the ELF packaging is better though, as you have a little mirror on the front which allows you to see the color of the product inside. I love this packaging, it’s probably my favorite packaging to a product. It’s so sleek and professional looking. It also has a nice little mirror on the inside which isn’t too bad for touch ups during the day.

Now, the actual blush! I think you’ve probably already gathered that I love it. I never used to wear blush because I’m fairly pale and most blushes make me look like a clown. I decided to try this out as I wanted a natural flush of color on my cheeks to give my face a bit more color and wow - a natural flush of color is definitely what I got with this blush! It’s such a beautiful, matte baby pink.

The only thing with this blush is that it’s not very pigmented. In fact, it’s quite hard to overdo it. For me, this is good as it doesn’t look harsh against my pale skin and shows up as a soft, rosy pink color. But if you have medium skin or darker, you will have trouble trying to get this to show up on your face. As I said, for some people it’s a good thing, for others it’s not so good.

I have no other complaints about this product at all! It’s my favorite blush so far. I apply it with my ELF blush brush and it looks gorgeous. I definitely recommend it and I have already purchased all of the blushes in stock! I also forgot to mention the best part: it was only £3.50!

5/5 ♥


  1. great first review. i will definitely follow. i hope you can go visit my blog and follow too, i have only just started as well. hope you have my more to come x


  3. I've ordered this and am really looking forward to receiving it. Great review. I have fair skin, so hopefully it will show up on my face.

  4. It should do if you build it up. I have really fair skin too, and with this blush I can achieve a subtle, healthy glow! x